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Temperature control system
Power control
Between proportional control and PID control, it refers to power control.  Power is often controlled by following three ways.
 By adjusting phase angle of SCRs(Sillicon Controlled Rectifiers), it can adjusthe valid voltage of the heater. See the picture.
Adjusting the break make ratio for the heater, see the picture.
Multilevel control:As for the large heater, the current carrying capacity  for SCRs or SSR can't satisfy the needed; often they are instead by multilevel control. The multilevel control it is that divide the heating system into several absolute heating teams. One of the teams is controlled by SCRs or SSR, the rest teams are controlled by contactor, which  auto adjust each heat teams' output power of contactor and SCRs or SSR by the signal of proportion control or PID control. And it realizes stepless adjusting for large power heater, also avoids temperature fluctuate and strike of  electric net from heating system. Control process see the picture:

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